“Cinco Grados” is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil almost unique in the world. And this is due to its special method of preservation. “Cinco Grados”, in English, Five Degrees, is the temperature at which the oil is preserved in tanks with a vacuum packaging system. In this way, contact with oxygen is prevented and the organoleptic properties of the product are kept completely intact. 

To ensure this method of preservation, this olive oil is packaged and sold upon request. In order to assimilate in its totality all the beneficial effects that this olive oil has for our health, we recommend to consume it raw. Heating destroys part of these positive properties for our organism. 

It can be used with vegetables, stews, pasta, fish, meat and dairy products such as cheese, improving in many cases the taste of the food itself. Given the unique organoleptic characteristics of this olive oil, using a small amount is enough to give personality to your dishes.